Anna Norvell

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The project PinkZone (14 paintings, oil on aluminium) was shown in galleri Mors Mössa, Gothenburg, 2008. PinkZone is a project about the color pink. All colors have different values and associations in the symbolic order of language. What does pink mean? The first things that comes to my mind when I think about pink is little girls, kitsch and pornography. Pink is not a very serious color, nor a color that you would associate with power. Pink is cute, decorative and has low status. What is really disturbing is that it is also considered, by many, to be the feminine color number one. When I was five I, like many other girls, thought that pink was the most beautiful color in the world. I saw it as a signifier of my identity as a girl, which for me was something positive. But when I got older my feelings about pink changed drastically. Pink was now something that I learned to repudiate. The images in PinkZone has evolved around this tension in my attitude towards the feminine. The motives I have chosen borders on the comical or absurd, where the pink color comes in as something that changes the meaning of the picture dramatically. It can be beautiful, but also frustrating or even threatening.